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Important Notice for Groupon Customers

Message to Groupon Customers,

There is one therapist, Penny Mitchell-Rogers who has participated in the groupon deal. She is offering this special offer at a deep discount to her regular rates. Due to the deep discount of her time, she does not place reminder calls. So please when you schedule your appointment make sure to note it on your calendar. The groupon is considered redeemed for a no show appointment, no exceptions.

Please understand while receiving a massage is unbelievably relaxing, giving the massage takes a considerable amount of energy and is quite taxing on the therapist hands, shoulders and back. It is because of this reason Penny only performs a maximum of 5 massages per day. This policy ensures that everyone who comes to her massage practice will receive a high quality massage designed to meet each individuals needs. Also, Penny only schedules 1-2 groupon appointments per day, reserving the balance of her day for her regular returning clients. Once you have been seen by Penny you are considered a client, and will be given top priority when choosing to schedule future repeat visits. 

All calls will try to be answered within a 24 hour period, with the exception of weekends, holidays or vacation periods.

Unfortunately we also need to mention we have received some callers who have been quite unpleasant to put it mildly. Penny is a professional dedicated practitioner and wants all her sessions to begin on a positive note. If you don't like the guidelines or do not think the 67% discount is worth the wait, we urge you to rethink your purchase. Groupon does offer refunds. We do our very best to serve our clients, however we refuse to haggle, bicker or argue with callers about our policies or scheduling procedures. We also need to reiterate a "no show" is always unacceptable. Groupons are always considered redeemed if you fail to show for an appointment. We keep very accurate phone records and will know if a person has called to cancel or just failed to show. So please, if you fail to show for an appointment take responsibility for it. If you still would like to come in, there will be a fee of $49.00 and payment will be expected at the time of scheduling

Penny looks forward to meeting all who wish to be seen. She is dedicated and highly regarded in the community as one of the best in the area. Her only wish is to provide her new and existing clients with an incredible massage. She believes her massage services are exceptional and will enjoy the opportunity to prove it.

Thank You

Yours In Health and Wellness

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